[tor-relays] ScrambleSuit maintenance question

Delton Barnes delton.barnes at mail.ru
Fri Mar 7 04:22:16 UTC 2014

George Kadianakis:
> Delton Barnes <delton.barnes at mail.ru> writes:
>> Is there a way to configure things so obfsproxy and Tor will later
>> automatically be upgraded to a *stable* release that includes
>> ScrambleSuit?  And how to know when I need to upgrade obfsproxy and Tor?
> you will need to wait till tor- becomes stable if you want to
> use scramblesuit with a stable Tor. Till then, please keep on using
> Tor nightlies.
> As far as your second question goes, unfortunately we don't have good
> upgrade processes yet. I suggest you do 'apt-get upgrade' every once
> in a while to get the latest nightlies of obfsproxy/tor. If there are
> any urgent upgrades that you need to perform I will send an email to
> tor-relays.

Thanks for the response.  Will do as you suggested.

Seems like there ought to be a way though to configure apt so that when
a new stable Tor is released, 'apt-get upgrade' will install the stable
package and cease installing nightlies.  Currently, I am having to
periodically manually check the stable repository to see if a new stable
has been released.  I will look more into the problem sometime.


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