[tor-relays] Tor hidden services – a safe haven for cybercriminals

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Wed Mar 5 21:56:33 UTC 2014

Hey folks!

Something to read from Kaspersky Labs:


Interesting is, that Eugene Kaspersky hisself states in an interview:

"We cooperate not only with the FSB, but also with the Americans and
Brazilians, and with a variety of European agencies on security issues
or cybercriminals. We sit a group of experts who break the code better
than anyone in the world - perhaps only after the FBI. They understand,
disassembles, analyze codes and understand what it is the best in the
world. People come to us, "Guys, what is it?" - And we respond. We are
not able to engage in all sorts of detective work, it's not our job, but
we give them the information on which they continue to catch criminals.
Or, conversely, we can see some information that may seem interesting to
them, and we give them. Sometimes, in Germany looking for stolen
laptops, we gave IPs"

You can use Google translate to read the whole Russian interview in your

Facing the overwhelming bulk surveillance I encourage everyone to start
more relays/bridges!

==> Are there public statistics about the fraction of illegal content
in/from Tor? Is it significantly more than in the "normal"net? We need
some counter-arguments.

Our "adversaries" will continue putting us in the
criminal/terrorist/child-abuse category. But distributed P2P anonymizers
like Tor, I2P, GNUnet, Bitmessage etc. are the only technology that
helps against mass surveillance.

Best regards


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