[tor-relays] Exit Relay on VPS by WEDOS

Moritz Bartl moritz at torservers.net
Tue Mar 4 08:04:48 UTC 2014


Thanks for going through the trouble of running an exit relay!

On 03/04/2014 08:49 AM, dope457 wrote:
> Today, few weeks from last incident, they just pulled out ethernet cable
> from my VPS and I am not sure what to do.

Looks like this ISP is not suitable for Tor exit relays. Please add it
to the https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/GoodBadISPs
page, and find a better one. I'm afraid there's not much else you can
do. Make sure to inform the ISP beforehand about the risks, be fast and
polite in answering abuse complaints, and as long as the ISP doesn't
know you well enough make sure the ISP of all places understands how you
handled the complaint and why. For example, for the POP3 case, you could
have offered to block POP3 altogether.

In case you haven't seen it already, this is a must-read for exit

Moritz Bartl

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