[tor-relays] tor daemon problem with obfsproxy

Fereydoon Sepehri fereydoonsepehri at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 21:16:37 UTC 2014

Hi All,

I install and configure tor to set up a obfs3 bridge.
If I use command "tor", everything is fine and clients could connect to
server buf if I use "service tor start", the connection will be refused.
I checked the log file. the problem is:

[warn] The communication stream of managed proxy '/usr/bin/obfsproxy' is
> 'closed'. Most probably the managed proxy stopped running. This might be a
> bug of the managed proxy, a bug of Tor, or a misconfiguration. Please
> enable logging on your managed proxy and check the logs for errors.
> Jul 31 20:55:56.000 [notice] Failed to terminate process with PID '28836'
> ('No such process').

the question is why "tor" command could run the obfsproxy but "service tor
start"could not.

I change the permission of "obfsproxy" from "root" to "debian-tor" but it
did not solve the problem.

Best Regards
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