[tor-relays] Speed of my relay not correct on global list

Josh josh at wtftacos.com
Mon Jul 21 22:28:42 UTC 2014

I don't know the answer to your question and I am sorry that you are
having this issue. That said even if you are not doing anything besides
running a relay it is a security risk to be running a tor node on
Windows XP.

There are exploits that do not require any interaction from the user.
The sentiment that the rest of the list is trying to impress on you is
that by running a Tor nod on XP you are potential putting the entire Tor
network at risk to a malicious actor.

This is by far a more pressing concern than speeds being reported
correctly. As others have said since you say cost is a factor in
purchasing a Windows 7 license then install Linux or BSD. I cannot
express how easy it is if you follow the guide to set up a Debian node.

On 07/21/2014 05:19 PM, B00ze/Empire wrote:
> On 2014-07-20 23:53, Joel Cretan <jcretan at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Sun, Jul 20, 2014 at 4:30 PM, B00ze/Empire <B00ze64 at hotmail.com
>> <mailto:B00ze64 at hotmail.com>> wrote:
>>     Who cares that MS doesn't support it. So you are claiming that
>>     because it runs on Xp the speed testing is failing? I find that
>>     hard to believe.
>> Everyone using Tor cares. I believe the other posters are seizing on
>> this detail because it is much more important for you to upgrade your
>> vulnerable machine than to worry about what speed is reported.
>> Perhaps it is better for now that your speed is under-reported, to
>> keep too many clients from connecting to a potentially dangerous relay.
> I cant upgrade the machine, I'd have to buy hardware and since the
> machine is 12 years old, I have no intention of replacing the failing
> parts. I am slowly building a replacement server, but until then, Xp
> it is. I do not browse, read email, open PDFs, run Flash, install
> programs - I dont do anything on that server besides running the Tor
> relay (and polipo) and serving files on the local network. The machine
> is behind a hardware and a software firewall. The chances of infection
> is basically zero, so there is no great rush to setup the replacement
> server.
> But since everyone just cannot get passed the fact that it runs Xp, I
> guess we will have to wait some months before I can get some real
> answers as to the problem I wish resolved.
> Thank you.
> Best Regards,
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