[tor-relays] Speed of my relay not correct on global list

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Sun Jul 20 23:56:39 UTC 2014

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Good day.

On 2014-07-19 08:59, no.thing_to-hide at cryptopathie.eu wrote:

| Hello Sylvain!
| I can only tell that I deal with a similar question.
| But at 1st: Please upgrade to an actual Linux or BSD, in your own
| interest. WinXP is out of date since 4/2014, and the IP of your
| computer with an outdated OS is published on multiple lists of
| anonymizing relays. There can't be a better invitation to
| crackers. Coming from Windows, a user-friendly Linux like Mint or
| Ubuntu might be a good choice for you (or does anyone here know a
| /userfriendly/ BSD ? :-) ). The whole OS including the Firewall is
| pre-configured, there is not much work left.

It's on the todo list to upgrade to Win7 (which by the way is already
off "standard" support by MS and onto the "extended" support meaning
only security updates from now on; but since I'm not touching Win8
with a long pole, it'll have to be Win7). If I have time I'll
multiboot into Linux, we'll see...

| _Empire64_ I Vidalia = Bandwidth: 9.00 KB/s II Message Log, Vidalia
| -> My msg log doesn't show a "speed" :-( III Atlas (1) 81.9 kBps IV
| Onioo (2) 80.0 kBps (advertised) V Blutmagie (3) 3.3 kBps

| _Ueberwachungsstaat_ I Tor Network Map, Vidalia = Bandwidth: 12.00
| KB/s II Message Log, Vidalia => Upload 13.3 kBps, Download 16.0
| kBps III Atlas (4) 92.7 kBps IV Onioo 92.5 kBps (Advertised) V
| Blutmagie (6) 1.3 kBps

You have the same problem I have, the "tested" speed it not correct...

| So the kBps from Blutmagie seem to be too low and Atlas and Onioo
| to high. Perhaps there the count-logic is different. The most
| reliable numbers should be the ones calculated from the message
| log, assuming that Tor counts the bits correctly. Also the number
| from the Network Map fits well.

My message log doesn't show speed, it shows the heartbeat and few
other stats every N minutes, but no speed.

| What works to my experience, when your relay does not do anything
| at all: Turn it off for one or two days and start it again with
| changed port numbers. Sometimes my relay forwards only 10 to 20 MB
| a day, and in that case I try to fix it the prescribed way. Most
| times it works, sometimes not.

Oh, traffic does go through my relay, but nothing like before (say,
last year) even tho I've increased the allowed bandwidth. And I'm of a
mind that I dont see more than 10k/s traffic because the global
directory lists me as a 10k/s node :-(

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