[tor-relays] Speed of my relay not correct on global list

B00ze/Empire B00ze64 at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 20 23:30:44 UTC 2014

On 2014-07-19 06:16, Scott Bennett <bennett at sdf.org> wrote:

> Matthew Harrold <tormailinglist at marrold.co.uk> wrote:
>>> I run a small relay, alias "Empire64" >(I tried an exit once, but my IP
>> was >then banned at several places, so >back to only a relay) on Win Xp.
>> PSA: XP is out of date, and no longer supported by Microsoft. Please
>> update, if you can't afford MS licensing please consider a Linux OS.
 >> [snip]

Who cares that MS doesn't support it. So you are claiming that because 
it runs on Xp the speed testing is failing? I find that hard to believe.

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