[tor-relays] Speed of my relay not correct on global list

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Sat Jul 19 12:59:43 UTC 2014

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Hello Sylvain!

I can only tell that I deal with a similar question.

But at 1st: Please upgrade to an actual Linux or BSD, in your own
interest. WinXP is out of date since 4/2014, and the IP of your
computer with an outdated OS is published on multiple lists of
anonymizing relays. There can't be a better invitation to crackers.
Coming from Windows, a user-friendly Linux like Mint or Ubuntu might
be a good choice for you (or does anyone here know a /userfriendly/
BSD ? :-) ). The whole OS including the Firewall is pre-configured,
there is not much work left.

The bandwith: I also run a small internal relay, Ueberwachungsstaat (=
surveillance society) in Austria. I found 4 to 5 different numbers for
the average bandwidth:

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I Tor Network Map, Vidalia

Empire64 (Online)
Location: Canada
IP Address:
Bandwidth: 9.00 KB/s
Uptime: 11 hours 38 mins 53 secs
Last Updated: 2014-07-19 02:27:25 GMT

II Message Log, Vidalia

- --> on your relay

III Atlas (1)

81.9 kBps

IV Onioo (2)

80.0 kBps (advertised)

V Blutmagie (3)

3.3 kBps


I Tor Network Map, Vidalia

Ueberwachungsstaat (Online)
Location: Austria
IP Address:
Bandwidth: 12.00 KB/s
Uptime: 20 hours 59 mins 23 secs
Last Updated: 2014-07-18 17:07:34 GMT

II Message Log, Vidalia

Jul 19 09:04:34.476 [Notice] Heartbeat: Tor's uptime is 14:01 hours,
with 2 circuits open. I've sent 657.26 MB and received 790.30 MB.

=> Upload 13.3 kBps, Download 16.0 kBps

III Atlas (4)

92.7 kBps

IV Onioo

92.5 kBps (Advertised)

V Blutmagie (6)

1.3 kBps

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So the kBps from Blutmagie seem to be too low and Atlas and Onioo to
high. Perhaps there the count-logic is different.
The most reliable numbers should be the ones calculated from the
message log, assuming that Tor counts the bits correctly. Also the
number from the Network Map fits well.

What works to my experience, when your relay does not do anything at
all: Turn it off for one or two days and start it again with changed
port numbers. Sometimes my relay forwards only 10 to 20 MB a day, and
in that case I try to fix it the prescribed way. Most times it works,
sometimes not.

I operate it at a simple DSL line of Austrian ISP A1, 8192 kBps D, 768
kBps U. The bandwidth limit is 200 (400) kBps.

Why only 6.7 % of the bandwidth limit are used: I just don't know.

Best regards, and: Stay wiretapped!


2) https://onionoo.torproject.org/details?search=empire64
5) https://onionoo.torproject.org/details?search=Ueberwachungsstaat

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On 19/07/14 05:15, B00ze/Empire wrote:
> Good day.
> I hope this is the correct mailing list for this.
> I run a small relay, alias "Empire64" (I tried an exit once, but my
> IP was then banned at several places, so back to only a relay) on
> Win Xp. It is very small (bandwidth 80k, burst 160k) but it used to
> be smaller (64k). Back when it was 64k, I still had a lot of
> traffic, and in Vidalia's "View the network" list of relays, I was
> listed as a 64k node. Now that I have increased bandwidth and would
> like to increase it more depending on how much traffic this
> creates, I see that no one uses my relay, I have practically no
> traffic. I think this is because in the "View the network" list, I
> am listed as a 10k node! I know that Tor has changed since I ran
> the relay at 64k. If I understand correctly, the Tor network now
> TESTS for bandwidth before accepting the declared bandwidth in the
> torRC file. Well obviously, this testing is not working for me. I 
> have "attached" a screenshot of one of the rare times when I do
> have traffic - as you can see, my node DOES run @ 80k. But, see the
> other "attached" pic, I am showing in the list as a 10k node. Also,
> the Atlas shows me as UNNAMMED, I don't understand why, I am the
> only one with that alias...
> Tor80k screenshot: <https://unsee.cc/sumipoge/> (it needs
> javascript) Tor10k screenshot: <https://unsee.cc/deguzoba/>
> Can you guys help me with this? I'd like to contribute to the
> network but its not working for me now, and besides, the more
> traffic goes through me, the better it hides my own traffic; I want
> more :-)
> My uptime (from the Atlas): 22 days 3 hours 23 minutes and 16
> seconds Fingerprint: E1DFC86060848E0FDCC7B0F072FA9EBAC639DA66 
> Platform: Tor on Windows XP (updated to 2.4.22 just now)
> Thank you. Best Regards,
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