[tor-relays] Oubound Ports

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Fri Jul 11 03:46:37 UTC 2014

On 7/11/14, Greg Moss <gmoss82 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for the help. I have my ORport and DIRport defined in torrc and
> forwarded through the firewall up to the Tor Relay. I was just wondering in
> regards to outbound traffic from the server itself.

What type of tor server did you decide to run (relay, exit, bridge)?

I feel you are rushing things a little.

Do some more reading.

Personally I suggest an exit relay, but without informing
yourself first, how can you make an informed choice? An
exit may be worse, or better, given your needs/ intentions
of what you want to achieve here.

> In the event it gets compromised I really hate to
> open all ports outbound let alone possible DNS
> leaks and what not. Appoligize if this doesn't make
> since I just fired this thing up yesterday and want
> to make sure it is secure.

You want "secure". OK, so does everyone. So what's
your threat model?

If you are worried about a compromised tor server, and
consequent information leaks, perhaps set up whonix?

If you are just impatient, just run TBB.

If security is genuinely important, and you rush things,
you are MUCH more likely to come unstuck.

If you are in a time sensitive situation, and (picking a
random offtopic thought here :) wanting to do some leaks,
the best thing might be to find someone you trust (who is
reasonably technically literate), and pass the material to
them, ask them to post it to various drop boxes and provide
it (anonymously and/ or without any phone calls etc made) to
their own trusted friends etc, to get the info out there.

Do this with a few different people, if you have trustworthy
friends/ contacts.

Your situation sounds like you are impatient.

Go do some reading, and good luck,

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> On 7/11/14, Greg Moss <gmoss82 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Newbie to Tor but have a Debian server up and running as a relay.  Do
>> I need to filter outbound traffic from the tor server on my firewall.
>> If yes what ports would I need to open.  I am also have a good look a
>> Tails any suggestions would be helpful.
> Sounds like you need your config file to read. Try:
> /etc/tor/torrc
> That will likely answer your question (hint, the answer is at least one,
> inbound and outbound).
> Do read the material on torproject.org - there's lots of it, and much of it
> useful to you if you are running a relay, some of it directly so.
> You might also check out whonix.org
> Enjoy teh awesome tehclonogy :)

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