[tor-relays] Google captcha

kingqueen kingqueen at btnf.tw
Wed Jul 9 11:22:06 UTC 2014


Since running a relay, I have frequently had the notice akin to
"Google has detected unusual activity from your computer or network"
and had to do the captcha, when I have connected via the server that
the relay is running on; both by Chromium over VNC and by Firefox over

The thing is, I am not, and have never been, an exit node. I was a
middle node and am now a guard node. So I am somewhat confused as to
why Google is getting unusual activity from my server?

I guess it could be a coincidence and somebody else from the server
farm has tripped it, but it seems a remarkable coincidence, as I have
run the dedi for nearly a year and didn't have the Google notice until
after the Tor relay was started in the last three weeks or so. But I
don't understand how being a Tor relay could have tripped it, as I've
never been an exit node.

Thank you

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