[tor-relays] Trying Trusted Tor Traceroutes

Sebastian Urbach sebastian at urbach.org
Sun Jul 6 18:38:05 UTC 2014

Dear Renke,
Dear list-members,

Yes, the TTTT project is alive. Thank you for asking and for your ongoing 

Yes the repo was updated but it is not ready for review yet. We are making 
changes for the next traceroute round and will ask for testing / testers as 
soon as it is ready. There is also being worked on a reverse traceroute and 
we had people at the last tor-dev meeting as well who are trying to figure 
out what step to do next.

Regarding your comment on "Dynamic download of relay IPs". It's just 
downloading the current list of relay IP instead of using a static list. I 
don't see any harm in that as one of the participant in the past pointed 
out to use the latest IPs anyway.

Theres a lot of work to do with limited human resources, please stay tuned. 
We will be back ;-)

Hi Sebestian,

> Just a quick update regarding the TTTT project. There are multiple GB's
> of data to analyse and it is still being worked on. We are also working
> on the public script(s) as well.

is your project still on-going? I'm asking because your score board was
not updated since May (except one test(?) upload in the phase foo-foo)
and though the repository updates are interesting (dynamic download of
relay ips) they were never approved for usage according to your
installation notes.


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