[tor-relays] UK Exit Node

Michael Banks c at starbs.net
Sun Jul 6 17:58:46 UTC 2014

It's a relay node now, so it should be fine, we'll see what happens.
Google 'pglcmd debian' - I've removed most of the lists. It's 
essentially now only blocking known paedophiles/child porn related IPs - 
funnily enough, it's blocked quite a few connections to those known 
The broadband security team at my ISP is sorting the DNS records out. 
They even offered a SWIP.

On 06/07/2014 10:28, Jeroen Massar wrote:
> On 2014-07-06 09:14, Michael Banks wrote:
>> Advice taken
>> I was debating to switch over to relay-only or not. I must note, the Tor
>> node is on it's own address, under a residential contract.
> Does not matter. You cannot prove that you did not routed your
> connection over it or that it was or was not Tor.
> This is also why folks doing exit (and even relay) nodes use dedicated
> hosting: abuse does not cut of your home Internet link and there is a
> limited form of deniability (though that did not help for that Austrian
> guy it seems, then again he did a lot of other odd stuff too which
> probably did not help his case much... full facts are never known).
>> I was taking extra precaution by running PeerGuardian and specifically
>> blocking malicious IPs, and will continue to do so while I have a relay
>> node.
> If you have a relay you will very unlikely be contacting anything on
> that 'list', at least through Tor.
> How exactly does PeerGuardian work? (seems there are a number of tools
> called that way and the first hit on google is unmaintained)
> Does it use a downloaded list, an RBL or something else? As when it is a
> list they are giving you the set of locations that are 'interesting' to
> peek at, when it is a RBL, they know who you are contacting. Unless a
> hash of some kind is involved you are likely giving away details or they
> are losing the details.
>> I have tor-relay.itschip.com set in torrc.. guess I have to fiddle with
>> more things?
>> Anyone with Debian experience who can help in that field?
> Reverse DNS has little to do with the operating system, you'll have to
> ask your ISP to set that for you (who, if they allow then might inform
> you of a tool/protocol to use to do so). Typically though, for
> residential connections reverse DNS cannot be changed.
> Greets,
>   Jeroen
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