[tor-relays] UK Exit Node

Sanjeev Gupta ghane0 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 6 07:51:14 UTC 2014

On Sun, Jul 6, 2014 at 3:39 PM, Michael Banks <c at starbs.net> wrote:

> The block lists are very limited, i.e P2P, lists of known
> blackhats/paedophiles, unallocated IP ranges and most importantly:
> government-owned address and anti-tor addresses

True, and I agree with your definition of malicious.

My concern is that it is not either my place, or yours, to define what is
good or bad for the Random User to visit, _IF_ we are offering a Tor
relay.  Our intentions in using this list, in particular, are not
relevant.  After all, the Govt of China also claims to be shielding its
users from known bad guys.

We are against such censorship, so why should we add our own blocks,
without warning, without anyway for the user to even know we have such a

Sanjeev Gupta
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