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Sat Jul 5 11:29:26 UTC 2014

On 7/5/2014 6:14 AM, Moritz Bartl wrote:> Potentially interesting 
candidate for Tor exits. Someone on IRC said
> they accepted exits. I didn't look at it in detail, it would be
> interesting to know if they're just using Voxility or a different data
> center/peering.
> https://www.gazduire.ro/
> https://www.voxility.com/
> One of our bridge servers is located at m247, which are very friendly,
> but I don't know if they allow exits, and they're a subsidiary of a UK
> company:
> https://www.m247.ro/


They do allow exits.
The one and only in their network.

They are nice and cooperative, never had a problem in > 3 months of 
continious usage. Only requiremenet is to block port TCP 25 outgoing 
(SMTP) to prevent email spam. No anti p2p filesharing policy.

I don't think they are the same datacenter with Voxility. This is 
NETBRIDGE group, a group of comapnies running multiple very high profile 
websites here (like advertising websites and traffic measurement 
websites for .ro TLD). Their headoffice is in Bucharest, but the 
datacenter I think it's not in Bucharest, it is in other city (Suceava) 
some few hundreds KMs distance.

- very srong uptime
- good datacenter respecting highest industry's standards
- nice ccoopeartion
- vmware esxi virtualization
- good network speed and quality
- unmetered traffic

- non-english version of their website (can be easily fixed);
- only accepting visa/mastercard/paypal payments (maybe they can be 
convinced to go for BTC or WMZ if they are properly educated abut it);

I have a good relation with them, Moritz, if you need specific details 
let me know and I'll update you here.


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