[tor-relays] One IPv4 address, 1Gbit connection

Roman Mamedov rm at romanrm.net
Tue Jul 1 13:48:53 UTC 2014

On Tue, 01 Jul 2014 22:36:10 +1000
Tim <t_ebay at icloud.com> wrote:

> Tom,
> Why not run multiple tor relays on different ports on the same IPv4 address?
> For example, you could run 6 relays on 6 different ports on your IPv4 address (6 x 180 Mpbs > 1 Gbps).
> This would also utilise your 4 cores much more efficiently than running 2 relays (each relay will only ever use 1 core for most operations).

Because more than two relays per IPv4 address is ignored by the network; and
that was the whole point of the question.

I suggested some time ago that with the scarcity of IPv4 *and* abundance of
multi-core CPUs that the Tor developers should really consider raising the
relays-per-IP limit from 2 to at least 3 or 4.

Sure one can use IPv6, but I doubt there's any serious amounts of traffic on
IPv6 via Tor, so it will not help  with the original request to do something
which would help better utilize the full available bandwidth.

With respect,
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