[tor-relays] Help setting up an exit relay on CentOS linux

Chuck Bevitt Tor at Bevitt.ws
Mon Apr 28 05:30:45 UTC 2014

Hello all,

I've run an exit node from my home in the past using my consumer ISP service (Time Warner) and Windows 8, I'm pretty much of a Windows guy (I make my living building business applications with Microsoft tools) but now I have an opportunity to run an exit node on a hosted server running CentOS linux. I've loaded CentOS at home to test it out and the problem I'm having is that I can't get the Vidalia control to run. The browser bundle works OK - I can open FireFox and make a Tor connection. As far as I know I've downloaded the correct files for CentOS linux and I have the Vidalia start icon. However nothing happened when I try to open the Vidalia icon. Since I'm not familiar with linux, I don't know where to start looking. I had assumed that I would just open Vidalia and set up my exit relay the same way I did on Windows 8.

I greatly appreciate help with this especially from someone who's configured a relay on CentOS.


Chuck Bevitt
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