[tor-relays] A few questions about my setting up my first Tor relay.

nb.linux nb.linux at xandea.de
Fri Apr 18 23:15:34 UTC 2014

Nastase G. Eduard:
> I'm researching more on Raspberry and I see its way cheaper to run a relay this way. Won't cost me more the 100ε for a relay that will be self-sustaining. Considering there won't be any monthly expenses (except the internet) the initial investment can be recovered, 24/7 relay and no electricity cost, perfect!

I don't know if someone else already tried that, but you could use a
BeagleBone Black [0] as well. It's a bit more powerful (1 GHz, newer ARM
processor generation) than the Pi. The advantage I see is that it's blob
free, which is a concern with the Pi for some people (please correct me
if I'm wrong!).

[0] http://beagleboard.org/Products/BeagleBone%20Black
[1] https://lwn.net/Articles/576434/

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