[tor-relays] Init.d script for two simultaneous Tor instances

I beatthebastards at inbox.com
Fri Apr 18 05:43:19 UTC 2014


Thank you for that. 
I think I can implement it now but I couldn't have set-up second Tor instances without help.

The question to my mind is at what point is it better to use a fast connection for two Tor instances?
Isn't it always better to have faster relays rather than more relays?


> In case anyone is interested in running two Tor instances (regular,
> bridge, relay, exit) on one machine, I've successfully made an init.d
> script to do just that. From searches on Google it looks like others
> have asked about this in the past, so I'm sharing this for them. Tor
> only allows two Tor instances per IP. When the TBB came with Vidalia it
> was much easier to casually run a couple of relays per IP, but with the
> service it's a bit more tricky. Nevertheless it is possible:
> Instructions are here: https://gist.github.com/Jesse-V/11007048
> Tor should be stopped and be sure to make a backup of /etc/init.d/tor
> before doing this in case things go south. Be sure to set up the folders
> and separate torrc file before replacing the /etc/init.d/tor script. The
> commands will be the same as before, so "service tor start" launches
> both. The script is a fork of the one that's packaged with Tor
> Use your own judgment with this, but I'm just posting this for anyone
> interested.
> Jesse V.

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