[tor-relays] Init.d script for two simultaneous Tor instances

Jesse Victors jvictors at jessevictors.com
Fri Apr 18 03:33:12 UTC 2014

In case anyone is interested in running two Tor instances (regular,
bridge, relay, exit) on one machine, I've successfully made an init.d
script to do just that. From searches on Google it looks like others
have asked about this in the past, so I'm sharing this for them. Tor
only allows two Tor instances per IP. When the TBB came with Vidalia it
was much easier to casually run a couple of relays per IP, but with the
service it's a bit more tricky. Nevertheless it is possible:

Instructions are here: https://gist.github.com/Jesse-V/11007048
Tor should be stopped and be sure to make a backup of /etc/init.d/tor
before doing this in case things go south. Be sure to set up the folders
and separate torrc file before replacing the /etc/init.d/tor script. The
commands will be the same as before, so "service tor start" launches
both. The script is a fork of the one that's packaged with Tor

Use your own judgment with this, but I'm just posting this for anyone

Jesse V.

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