[tor-relays] Should I Worry @ INTRODUCE1 Warnings

Stephan tor-relay-list at torrified.de
Sat Apr 12 15:50:28 UTC 2014


On 05.04.2014 13:52, Tami Kennedy wrote:
> non-exit relay (Tor started seeing these log Warning
> entries. Concern or normal?

I can't say anything about those messages being normal or not, but I 
just found one such message in my logs too:

Apr 11 11:25:35.000 [warn] Rejecting INTRODUCE1 on non-OR or non-edge 
circuit 2147497125.

I updated to Tor (git-c5a648cc6f218339) on Debian three days 
ago after heartbleed. My old versions 0.2.4.x didn't show that message 


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