[tor-relays] Long-term effect of Heartbleed on Tor

Felix Büdenhölzer f.buedenhoelzer at gmx.de
Thu Apr 10 20:13:25 UTC 2014

> *However*, if there's a way to specify the data it sends back, that
> wouldn't be a problem (I'm no legal specialist though). I have not yet
> tested my theory, but sending a few extra bytes in the heartbeat
> message (and of course incrementing 'length' in the 'ssl3_record_st'
> struct) should do that. It would allow causing the server to return
> data the client sent. If it's not sent back, the server isn't
> vulnerable. No random memory is read as the server did in fact
> allocate the memory, it's simply not supposed to use it.
If I get you in the right way I think this is what you are asking for:
This guy is sending a string in and reads it back.


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