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Sebastian Urbach sebastian at urbach.org
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Thanks, must have slipped my mind ...
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On Nov 28, 2013, at 22:45 , Sebastian Urbach wrote:

> Dear colleagues,
> Im a bit confused about the "named" flag. My relay is running smooth and i 
> already received the "guard" flag but still no named flag. I also read the 
> directory specification paper. I dont have the unnamed status nor is there 
> another server with that name in use. Im not sure if the authority supports 
> name binding but from what i understand the authority should support it.
> Maybe someone on this list is able to look into that matter ...

This is from the dir spec:

> Newer Naming authorities run a script that registers routers
> in their mapping files once the routers have been online at
> least two weeks, no other router has that nickname, and no
> other router has wanted the nickname for a month.  If a router
> has not been online for six months, the router is removed.

Atlas first sees you on November 21, less than two weeks ago.

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