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Travis Northrup northruptc at gmail.com
Wed Nov 27 01:49:55 UTC 2013

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Actually, lets take a look at it from the other perspective then mine.

Considering that the instruction would only be need to be computed
once (during application re/start) that isn't much of a task. So with
that in mind...human computational error is a significant factor. If
the operator didn't do his math correctly, that would have a
considerable effect on advertised transfer rate.

However, what we're actually arguing here is convention and not
computation. THAT is where the problem lies. One person's convention
isn't another persons.

What is more important is that all configuration follow algorithm rfc.
Forget convention because we have to go with the established methods
of operation that gets hashed out through the rfc. That is the best way.

I operate in bits and don't mind calculating to a convention
understood by users and that removes the possibility of error in
convention but enables the possibility of human computational error
(69 it) which could drastically change how the transfer rate is
established on the relay.

There is an argument for both, but you guys are arguing about
conventions that shouldn't even be considered without a request for
comment to the developers.

On 11/26/2013 3:53 PM, Gordon Morehouse wrote:
> Travis Northrup:
>>> This argument (Mbit/s versus GiB/month) reminds me of the old 
>>> saw about the most useless unit of velocity
>>> (furlongs/fortnight instead of m/sec).
>>> Mick
>> I know exactly what you mean. Personally, I consider any change
>> to be a convenience modification only. In reality the only
>> current differences are in defining storage rate and traffic
>> rate (1024/1000 respectively) and its defined in bits. From there
>> all conversions are simple math that should be operator 
>> responsibility.
> Why, when the config file can be liberal in what it accepts in the 
> numerator, and in the denominator (seconds, days, weeks, mean
> months)?
> Calculating numbers is a job for a computer.
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