[tor-relays] which aws ami?

Ralph Guntermann ralphguntermann at swissmail.net
Sun Nov 17 22:05:57 UTC 2013

yes, that worked for me & now running - thanks!

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Subject: Re: [tor-relays] which aws ami?
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2013 16:47:39 +0000

On Sun, Nov 17, 2013 at 2:57 PM, Ralph Guntermann
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> Hi!


> I'm trying to set up 2 tor bridge relays on amazon aws.
> I follow the guide on the tor cloud web page at torproject.org but I'm
> unable to view the AMI or instance configuration when I get logged-in to my
> aws account.
> I've figured out that I can set-up my instance from within my aws account
> but I'm uncertain how to proceed.
> This is what I'd like to do:
> Set-up 2 instances on my aws account with 1 instance based in the region
> South America (São Paulo) and another instance in the region Asia Pacific
> (Singapore) using the AMI for Obfsproxy Bridges.
> I've found 2 tor-cloud AMIs listed in the Community AMIs. These are:
> Tor-Cloud-EC2--us-east-1-04-13-2013-20616 - ami-69d30974
> [Copied ami-4a7c1a23 from us-east-1]
> Tor-Cloud-EC2--us-east-1...13-2013-20616
> Root device type: ebs Virtualization type: paravirtual
> &
> Tor-Cloud-EC2--us-east-1-04-13-2013-7427 - ami-6bd30976
> [Copied ami-567c1a3f from us-east-1]
> Tor-Cloud-EC2--us-east-1...-13-2013-7427
> Root device type: ebs Virtualization type: paravirtual
> Perhaps there is a choice of 2 AMIs because 1 is for Obfsproxy Bridges & the
> other is for Private Bridges? I'm not sure which AMI I should choose for
> Obfsproxy Bridges.

Correct. For a shared obfsproxy bridge in São Paulo use AMI ID
ami-69d30974. For a private obfsproxy bridge in Singapore use AMI ID
ami-601c5332. You can find this information on

> From what I can see, once I've chosen the correct AMI it should be very easy
> to finish the configuration.

It is, but please remember to open the right ports in the firewall
before booting the instances. See
https://cloud.torproject.org/#get_started for a list of ports.

> Also, am I correct in thinking that I can host 2 instances in different
> regions on the same account? It doesn't matter so much if this isn't
> possible, I suppose I could host both instance in the same region.

This is possible. You should be able to change the location with a
drop-down menu somewhere.

Runa A. Sandvik
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