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> On 11/15/2013 06:20 PM, tor-relays-request at lists.torproject.org wrote:
>> I've heard that some ISPs in China provide uncensored network
>> access to foreign companies. But this is hearsay
> You are correct but it is not that simple nor widespread.  What I've
> seen most often is execs from big companies getting special
> considerations so while "uncensored" might be a stretch there is some
> truth to the above.  I can find out more any time if anyone needs some
> info please contact me any time as I don't think it will be a big
> topic of discussion here:)  I have seen heavy use of VPN's by western
> students visiting, or studying in Bejing w/out issue.  I'll have very
> current info and can get some near instant feedback in the next day or
> two.
> And to the guys saying "avoid the ussa like the plague"  this wanna-be
> expat agrees 100%. Sadly!  And for a whole lot more than just Tor nodes.

But keep in mind that Chinese people like to do things in a tricky
way. They might say not censored network but they didn't say they're
not monitoring it.  The gov has said that they will be strict on
"ideology" in any situation.

I did hear about someone in "a famous Finnish mobile phone company
which will belong to a US operating system making company" said they
can access facebook directly but I haven't got a chance to see whether
they are using an enterprise level VPN or uncensored network.
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