[tor-relays] Huge harrassment by Irdeto and IP-Echelon, 83 mails, in 2 weeks, need your help

julien.robin28 at free.fr julien.robin28 at free.fr
Sat Nov 16 01:51:31 UTC 2013

Hello krishna,

I agree with you as I also think that the approach you describes (your ISP transmit to you, almost "don't care" and just want you to do the job and copy to them) is so much better :) and I really think my ISP is trying to work like that.

There was absolutely no remarks or whatever else in the mails they transmitted to me. In their terms and conditions it's just written that they have to be able to see the mail exchanges, so that they know when the problem is solved.

But there was so many messages they received during the last 3-day week end, so many that they haven't been able to transmit all of them on the begining of the week (there was a 3 day hole betwen November 7 and November 11 on the mails they was transmitting to me on November 13. 
And, they started to transmit me in the morning and in the evening it was still not finished ! This last detail was the alarm signal for me, that's when I realized that it was going straight into a pricipice. I also realized that these abuse complaints weren't going to stop, even with my efforts by sending mails to Irdeto and IP-Echelon.

To keep you informed :

I just sent to my ISP the mail as we said (sum-up) :

  - I'm ok if they calculate a more suitable price for my intensive use of their services, 
  - I also explained them that Irdeto/IP-Echelon abuses can be ignored in my case :  the IP address on the reports are not the address of the responsible user. These 2 companies just never stops to send an unconscionable amount of email to put pressure, because sometimes, unfortunately, it works (and it's bad when it works !) and they never read our answers. I told them that some ISP already decided to blackhole these Irdeto/IP-Echelon notifications in a similar case.

I will now be waiting for them to answer, but as I know them, I'm not completely sure to have my answer, and in the better case, probably not before Monday (11/18/2013). 

I'm re-starting my servers as only relays for this week end (to be sure that no abuse complaint could flood my ISP, so they will be able to see my email !) and if my ISP does not answer, Reduced Exit Policy will be my only suitable solution.

I will keep you informed!
Thank you again for all your help and remarks, and sorry when my answers are very late (too large working days) 

Best regards,
Julien ROBIN

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I would prefer to receive a lot of such abuse complaints, forwarded
unfiltered, than to let the ISP cut off the relay.  At least that way
they are passing on the responsibility closer to the source of the
problem (that they know of), rather than making decisions over which the
relay operator has no control.
The question is, are they giving you deadlines to handle all those
complaints? or is it entirely between you and the complainant?

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