[tor-relays] Checking a bridge

Martin Kepplinger martink at posteo.de
Wed Nov 13 11:49:47 UTC 2013

> Martin Kepplinger:
>> I will not send my fingerprint to globe over http. I want to keep it
>> secret so I can't check my bridge. I hope it works. obfs-ports are
>> forwarded and everything else are standard torrc-settings.
>> But please make globe accessible over https.
> Unless you are subject to a MITM and the JavaScript code is changed
> before reaching your browser, Globe will *not* send the fingerprint of
> the bridge to Onionoo (over HTTPS), only the hashed version. But
> I understand extra catiousness.

Maybe there's no need to give my hash to globe. I checked with arm and
it sees _outbound_ connections. Is that evidence enough that the bridge
is used? My standard-relay doesn't see any outbound connections (though
relaying lots of data of course).

Would be nice if somebody could confirm that outbound connections in a
properly configured bridge mean that it is actually _used_ already.


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