[tor-relays] Checking a bridge

Gary Anderson t0reo at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 12 16:53:49 UTC 2013

I have the same worry as Martin. I set up a bridge on AWS 2 weeks ago by following the instructions here https://cloud.torproject.org/ and choosing a bridge image for Ireland.

Setup went well, log files on startup tell me my bridge contacts the tor network, and I checked I could use my bridge by explicitly configuring it in a tor client. But the traffic I see in arm is very small (around 100 MB / week) compared to what I observed when I tested a tor relay (over 2 GB in a week-end). On the other hand, I didn't find my fingerprint in Globe.

Is there something wrong or can this be a normal situation that happens sometime ? Do all fingerprints end up in Globe ?


Lunar  :
> Martin Kepplinger:
>> When my bridge uses only the same few MBs each day, i guess it isn't
>> used at all right?
>> Is there a simple way to ensure it is in bridgeDB and functioning as it
>> should?
> You can search for the bridge fingerprint in Globe:
> http://globe.rndm.de/
> Globe will hash the fingerprint before sending it to Onionoo to prevent
> leaks.
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