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bbzxrmy wowman goa_travel11 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 11 08:49:36 UTC 2013

00:11][BlakbirdzejA] ()+_earth changes spawning chaos releases, react to time speeding, 
and proclaim a more established eternia for all exisT. aviod control, 
imperge immortality and fight with new designs without permitting harm, devour opposites,
 refrain from weakness hiding in false powers. when the weather shifts 2 death burn the corpses and re-taliate 
with health and completionZ, do not starve there is soil and water for all to eat for 100s of years. 
gather and destroy not-wanted pain and looping, seperate for strength and evolve.
SeX interRaciaLL to merge galaxy code N eradicate idolismz  BBZzXArmy8::22
}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{ BbZzXArmy PrajectoRkiDD
****MASS CHAIN MESSAGE read and spread to all your friendlists
(. http://zeja11.blogspot.com/ .)
22eterniA .xex
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