[tor-relays] hourly logging new?

gq bugmagnet1 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 02:58:20 UTC 2013

I was running a non-exit relay using beta RC version 
vidalia-relay-bundle- on win XP

On the "Message Log" console I was seeing hourly entries for TAP and 
nTor connections.

After over a week, I was getting very low traffic, so rolled back to the 
stable version vidalia-relay-bundle- to compare, 
trying to see if would be more useful.

After changing, I no longer see any hourly entries as I did with the 
beta/RC version. I tried unsuccessfully  to find a change log that would 
indicate this might have been one thing changed.

Can anyone confirm this was a feature of the beta/RC version since the 
last stable version? or might I have missed some setting somewhere to 
enable hourly connection stat logging?


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