[tor-relays] tor-relays Digest, Vol 34, Issue 22

that guy grep at gmx.us
Sat Nov 9 17:49:29 UTC 2013

On 11/09/2013 11:32 AM, tor-relays-request at lists.torproject.org wrote:
>  Using a VPN *might* work, but Microsoft blocks access from many of those too.
> Complaining to Microsoft, especially if you're a paying Skype customer, might not help, but it can't hurt.

Same boat but with two woman on two continents and both use Mshit and
there is not a chance in the world that they will ever ever ever get
jitsi, linphone, Ekiga or any of the other joke excuses for a Skype
replacement going.  Until there is a non-MS solution that lets
non-techies use a service like that from behind NAT they are a HUGE
waste of developer's time not to mention consumers.  Take a look at the
Ekiga mailing list,  makes the problems people have with tor relay's
seem like child's play.  It is almost pathetic listening to them try to
help people who WILL NEVER manage to get one up and running.  It is a
joke.  My VPN blocks Skype.  I tried hard to get rid of it but it is
just not possible unless it's another geek that you are talking to.
   Complaining to MS or Apple can hurt actually, in the hopelessness
area.  May end up hanging yourself after trying to talk to them.

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