[tor-relays] Amazon abuse report

Paul Syverson paul.syverson at nrl.navy.mil
Mon Nov 4 19:38:40 UTC 2013

On Mon, Nov 04, 2013 at 08:18:29AM -0800, Gordon Morehouse wrote:
> > 
> > That's just plain silly.
> Not as silly as you think, but the outright blocking vs finding ways
> to throttle is more a discussion worth having.  I suspect most of the
> Silent Majority(tm), if polled, would rather throttle than block.
> I *swear* there was a paper on this other than the 2009 one I posted
> the other day.

Are you perhaps thinking of "Throttling Tor Bandwidth Parasites"?
Available at http://www.syverson.org/ or

Throttling is tricky and not a panacea. This is noted in the
above paper and analyzed in some detail in
"How Low Can You Go: Balancing Performance with Anonymity in Tor",
also available at 


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