[tor-relays] Amazon abuse report

Gordon Morehouse gordon at morehouse.me
Sat Nov 2 16:00:42 UTC 2013

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Paritesh Boyeyoko:
> On Friday 01 Nov 2013 20:02:29 Gordon Morehouse wrote:
>> What if someone inside a totalitarian state is attempting to
>> upload evidence of a massacre to a service which runs on port
>> 80?
> Yeah, I did think of this but I thought I'd put it out there
> anyway. Unfortunately, too many sites/services don't use SSL.
> Well, it's a no-no.

That's changing, not fast enough, but the NSA did a great job of
raising awareness (even if they *can* crack it)...

>> I'd love to get the bandwidth back from the 16 year olds
>> downloading movies and terrible porn over Tor, too, but this
>> won't fly, and y'all are gonna get flamed into cinders in about
>> 5... 4... 3... for the types of reasons I just mentioned above.
> So would I, hence my looking at this to try and knock such 16 year
> olds off of the network. :)  However, yourself and Lunar make good
> points especially concerning the legal position over traffic
> redirection and/or manipulation.

Well, plus, there are ethical questions about managing the traffic
itself, and the fact that if tampering is detected, you'll get a
BadExit flag.  It's mostly ethical questions, IMO.

> So what's the answer?  Education?  Educating torrent users to not
> use Tor isn't going to work - if they know enough to use Tor
> (thanks Azureus, NOT) - then they're gonna use it, so that's pretty
> much out.

Education does help - I've crashed many a thread suggesting Tor for
BitTorrent and explained why it's harmful.  I mean, I guess I don't
have any metrics to back me up, but a lot of the people seem to say
"oh, jeez, well in that case maybe I won't."

> Publication of sample exit policies?  Would that encourage exit
> node operators to run restricted exit policies, and save themselves
> loads of bandwidth and DMCA headache?

That's been done, but a link in the default torrc above those config
areas would be *great*.

- -Gordon M.



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