[tor-relays] Amazon abuse report

Paritesh Boyeyoko parity.boy at gmail.com
Sat Nov 2 00:47:32 UTC 2013

On Friday 01 Nov 2013 19:36:11 krishna e bera wrote:

> Isnt that about the same percentage on the non-Tor internet?

Probably. :)

> It would help if most bittorrent trackers enforced sharing ratios of
> around 1:1 (since Tor clients cannot accept incoming connections, unless
> on a .onion HS).

Private trackers do this, while open ones like TBP don't care about ratio 
enforcement.  You also raise a good point about incoming connections, however 
BitTorrent clients can still seed as long as *someone* in the swarm can accept 
incoming connections, and not necessarily the original seeder.  Not every 
torrent user will be using Tor, obviously.

> Also helpful if they switched to UDP-only for data
> which would exclude Tor (until Tor suppports UDP).

Agreed, but most of the trackers use HTTP.

> On the other hand, i had a reduced exit policy and still got DMCA
> complaints just for the .torrent file being downloaded via HTTP through
> my exit.

Let me run a couple ideas past you:

1.  Configure Squid as a forward proxy with Squidguard and configure Squidguard 
to reject any URL with "announce" in it.  Use IPTables to transparently 
redirect anything destined for ports 80, 2710 and other well known tracker 
ports to Squid.

2.  Do not exit port 80.  While security and anonymity are separate things, 
they are tightly coupled, so why not exit only secure ports: HTTPS, POP3S, 
IMAPS etc.

Obviously some protocols use TLS on the same port as the clear traffic, but how 
detrimental do you think restricting to SSL/TLS enabled protocols (with a few 
exceptions) would be?

parity.boy at gmail.com

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