[tor-relays] Amazon abuse report

krishna e bera keb at cyblings.on.ca
Fri Nov 1 23:36:11 UTC 2013

On 13-11-01 01:48 PM, Paritesh Boyeyoko wrote:
> On Friday 01 Nov 2013 05:37:14 I wrote:
> The paper http://planete.inrialpes.fr/papers/TorTraffic-NSS10.pdf shows 54.48% 
> of the traffic passing through the sample exit nodes was BiTorrent traffic.

Isnt that about the same percentage on the non-Tor internet?

> Would it be worth putting together selection of template Exit Policies which 
> exit node operators can cut & paste into their torrc?  Or (and this is more a 
> dev question) have an "include" directive where separate policy files can be 
> specified (and therefore substituted), something like this:
> ExitPolicy include /etc/tor/mail.exit
> ExitPolicy include /etc/tor/rdp.exit
> ExitPolicy include /etc/tor/web.exit
> ExitPolicy include /etc/tor/chat.exit

Examples are great if they are kept up to date.
Could they be put in the wiki with suitable comments?

> Combine this with a default reject *:* policy and it *may* lead to a change of 
> culture and squeeze BitTorrent out.  It may even help reduce the number of 
> DMCA notices that exit operators get.

It would help if most bittorrent trackers enforced sharing ratios of
around 1:1 (since Tor clients cannot accept incoming connections, unless
on a .onion HS).  Also helpful if they switched to UDP-only for data
which would exclude Tor (until Tor suppports UDP).

On the other hand, i had a reduced exit policy and still got DMCA
complaints just for the .torrent file being downloaded via HTTP through
my exit.

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