[tor-relays] Preparation for reimbursement: partner mailinglists

Moritz Bartl moritz at torservers.net
Fri May 3 13:01:21 UTC 2013


In preparation of Torservers.net reimbursing exit and bridge operators,
we have set up two new mailing lists. Entities that receive
reimbursement are called "Torservers partners" and listed at
https://www.torservers.net/partners.html (if they want to be listed)

If you want to become a partner, we have to get to know you first:
Ideally, we have personally met you multiple times, and learned about
your motives.

I announce these lists publicly, because the list archives of both lists
are *public* and you are welcome to use them. You can send messages to
the discussion list, but they will be moderated.

The list called "partners" is *compulsory* if you want to receive
reimbursements, as it will be used for important announcements that
*must* be read by all participating entities.

The list "partners-discuss" is optional. Subscription is limited to
partners, so you are free to use it for whatever you want to discuss
with other partners.

If you are a member of a participating organization, you can subscribe
and we will confirm your membership (moderated subscription).

Summary of list options:

 - important announce list!
 - *public* archive
 - subscription for anyone, but *required* for partners
 - moderated posting, so you can reach all members with important
notices, but only after verification
 - subscription list private
 - reply-to set to partners-discuss


 - *public* archive
 - subscription and posting for partners only
 - subscription list private


Emails by non-members are *rejected*. If you want to reach partner
organizations, please use the public mailinglist at
http://www.freelists.org/list/torservers . It will be read at least by
Torservers "staff".

Moritz Bartl

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