[tor-relays] What to do about port scans?

Steve Snyder swsnyder at snydernet.net
Wed Jul 31 20:14:53 UTC 2013

On 07/31/2013 03:50 PM, mick wrote:
> On Wed, 31 Jul 2013 14:48:05 -0400
> Steve Snyder <swsnyder at snydernet.net> allegedly wrote:
>> I wouldn't have thought that the Tor network was fast enough for port
>> scanning, but apparently it is.  I have recently seen a rash of SSH
>> port scanning (or so my ISP reports). What can/should  I do about
>> this?
> I'm not sure exactly what you are saying here.
> 1. Do you mean that the scans (directed at you) all came from tor exit
> nodes?
> 2. Or do you mean that your tor node was scanned from elsewhere?
> 3. Or do you mean that your tor exit node was used in port scanning
> someone else?

Sorry for my lack of clarity.  I meant that my exit node is being used 
for port scans (lots of port 22 doorknob shaking), which has occasioned 
recent complaints from my ISP.

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