[tor-relays] Computer requirements for a modest (15-20Mbs) relay?

Nick tor-relays at njw.me.uk
Mon Jul 29 15:37:29 UTC 2013


I'm probably going to move to a new ISP soon, and may well be able
to get a fibre 20Mbps up connection, which is a nice thought. The
question I have is whether my little ~1GHz home server box (a weird
little x86 thing, I can dig out more specs if they're relevant)
would be able to relay that level of traffic without issue? The
TorExitGuidelines page on the wiki mentions that one "modern" CPU
core should be able to push 100Mbps, but my server is probably 6/7
years old. It's a VIA board, which IIRC might have some hardware
crypto acceleration or something - is that something that would be
likely to help things if I can get it working?

Thanks folks,


P.S. Are there any known cases of law enforcement seizing equipment
or otherwise terrorising people for running home exit nodes? I would
like to imagine that Tor is well known enough in such circles that
such action would be rather unlikely nowadays. I know at least some
remailer operators host stuff from their homes, but maybe that's
lower risk.

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