[tor-relays] Sitevalley is no longer Tor-friendly

Gordon Morehouse gordon at morehouse.me
Sat Jul 27 18:43:35 UTC 2013

Tom Ritter:
> On 18 July 2013 14:10, Roman Mamedov <rm at romanrm.ru> wrote:
>> Maybe they just realized they can't actually offer unmetered bandwidth as they
>> advertise, and Tor is about the only application that can readily eat all
>> bandwidth you'll give it, no matter what.
>> Tom, out of curiosity how much did you manage to transfer per month before
>> being shut down?
> I have a hunch this is it ;)
> My node was https://atlas.torproject.org/#details/47DF93C269727DC04A54D84C016B62E54F8D1E27
> I was pushing something like 5-6 TB a month?  I forget exactly.

Yeah, I had to leave GANDI not because of admin pressure but because
they instituted a 500GB data cap instead of unmetered.

You might try XMission, I've just moved my US-based Tor relay (non-exit)
to there, and while it's only 1TB/mo, I'm also only paying $23 or so -
they're willing to work with folks to build a custom VPS.  Tor doesn't
need a lot of CPU or disk or backup service, so you can cut that out and
mainly pay for the bandwidth and RAM.

I've also run relay nodes on Linode for quite some time, bandwidth
starts at 2TB/mo for cheap.  Just don't tell them what you're doing - if
it's a relay node they don't care.  If it's an exit node they'll drop
the banhammer.

I wish I could help with geographic diversity but bandwith is often more
expensive overseas and my budget is currently limited.


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