[tor-relays] Yet another underpowered relay?

Logforme m7527 at abc.se
Tue Jul 23 12:38:42 UTC 2013

Thanks for all the input guys.

> See some advice here: 
> http://archives.seul.org/or/relays/Aug-2010/msg00034.html
Found that before and I have followed it to the letter when I set up the 

> Also are you running with a lot of iptables/ip6tables rules active (or 
> any at
> all)? If you do, consider rewriting them so that at least 'conntrack' 
> is not
> used (check that you can do "rmmod ipt_conntrack" cleanly, or it's not 
> loaded
> in the first place).
No iptables rules active, and conntrack is not loaded.

> Make sure you have the most recent OpenSSL library, with the
> ec_nistp_64_gcc_128 optimizations enabled.  (Tor will print a big
> nasty warning on startup if the library is new enough but the
> optimizations aren't available.)
I have the latest OpenSSL library installed (version 1.0.1e-2) and no 
complaints from tor when it starts up.

> You may get better utilization out of your CPU by running multiple tor
> daemons (try 4 to start) each with MaxCPUs=1 and bandwidth cap set to
> 1/N of the total available.  They each have to be configured to use a
> distinct ORPort and state directory, and should all be tagged as the
> same family.
I have been thinking about this but I'm reluctant to "partition" my 
bandwidth. I'm afraid it will end up like harddrive partitions: lots of 
wasted space. i.e. one daemon hitting the bandwidth cap while the other 
is under utilized.

> That CPU is powerful enough to handle 80 Mbps assuming there's no
> hardware performance problems; a similar Xeon handles around 140 Mbps
> per core.
Since the CPU is supposed to be able to handle 80mbit bandwidth I would 
much prefer to find out what the current problem is and continue to run 
with one daemon.

More info about the system:
OS: debian 7.1. Only other thing running on the box is 2 GPU apps from 
Einstein at Home which use about 1/3 CPU core each.
NIC: RTL-8169 on the motherboard.

The messages only appear about 1 to 5 times a day even though the 
bandwidth usage is mostly at the 80mbit cap. My guess is that some users 
create enormous amounts of circuits and my CPU fails to handle them.
Any other tips for what I could look at?

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