[tor-relays] Exit relay operators: a call for packets on port 8118

krishna e bera keb at cyblings.on.ca
Mon Jul 22 01:37:18 UTC 2013

On 13-07-21 08:40 PM, rotpoison throngnet wrote:
> I am an exit relay operator in Honolulu that has posted to this list
> before, on the same subject.  I am hoping that some other exit relay
> operators can sniff for packets to destination port 8118  (usually used
> for Privoxy) to confirm that they are seeing the same thing I am on all
> exit relays that I have set up in the last half year.  Depending on your
> network configuration, you might have to instead record firewall logs
> for that port.  Don’t worry, unless you have your Privoxy service open
> to the world, you won’t be intercepting or eavesdropping on any
> legitimate traffic.   You should just be seeing SYN packets from a few
> hundred-strong net of Windows servers now hosted at Gorilla Servers,
> Ubiquity/Nobistech, and Limestone Networks, with a handful at Psychz. I
> am calling this malicious (?) net of Windows servers Rotpoi$on.  
> I have more details in the most recent blog post at
> https://b.kentbackman.com

I am not running an exit at present, but i am curious.
Shouldnt a SYN flood attack be handled automatically by the ISP?
I don't think we can do anything on the node itself.

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