[tor-relays] Exit relay operators: a call for packets on port 8118

rotpoison throngnet rotpoison at gmail.com
Mon Jul 22 00:40:26 UTC 2013

I am an exit relay operator in Honolulu that has posted to this list
before, on the same subject.  I am hoping that some other exit relay
operators can sniff for packets to destination port 8118  (usually used for
Privoxy) to confirm that they are seeing the same thing I am on all exit
relays that I have set up in the last half year.  Depending on your network
configuration, you might have to instead record firewall logs for that
port.  Don’t worry, unless you have your Privoxy service open to the world,
you won’t be intercepting or eavesdropping on any legitimate traffic.   You
should just be seeing SYN packets from a few hundred-strong net of Windows
servers now hosted at Gorilla Servers, Ubiquity/Nobistech, and Limestone
Networks, with a handful at Psychz. I am calling this malicious (?) net of
Windows servers Rotpoi$on.

I have more details in the most recent blog post at

Thanks for your help.

- Kent
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