[tor-relays] Checking my Tor bridge and adventage of dynamic ip addresses

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Sat Jul 20 06:42:18 UTC 2013

On 7/19/13 10:36 PM, nobleeightfoldpath at lavabit.com wrote:
> 1. the ip address of my bridge is after around two days still the old
> address in the db (ie. http://makepanic.github.io/emberjs-tor-onionoo).
> That's probably why no one uses the bridge!? Testing with configuring
> the client to use my bridge (with my actual address) works well! So it
> is an unintended private bridge :) any ideas to trigger the db to change
> the address?

Not sure which IP address you're referring to and whether or not it
should change.  Can you paste your hashed fingerprint here and say which
piece of information should be updated and why?

Note that 10.x.y.z isn't really your bridge's IP address.  I wonder if
it should be taken out from the bridge details page or at least better
documented.  Here's the documentation from the Onionoo protocol page:

"or_addresses": Array of sanitized IPv4 or IPv6 addresses and TCP ports
or port lists where the bridge accepts onion-routing connections. The
first address is the primary onion-routing address that the bridge used
to register in the network, subsequent addresses are in arbitrary order.
IPv6 hex characters are all lower-case. Sanitized IP addresses are
always in 10/8 or [fd9f:2e19:3bcf/48] IP networks and are only useful to
learn which IP version the bridge uses and to detect whether the bridge
changed its address. Sanitized IP addresses always change on the 1st of
every month at 00:00:00 UTC, regardless of the bridge actually changing
its IP address. TCP ports are not sanitized. Required field. (Source:


> 2. where can I check if my ip address is black listed by censoring
> countries? A friend told me to test it ie. with a chinese proxy. Is
> there a "best practice" to check? In worst case I could change the ip
> address.
> Iam happy if I could run a useful bridge.
> Regards :)
> nobleeightfoldpath at lavabit.com:
>> Hi list members,
>> I tried to grab some data in the database. In the upper part of my
>> results it shows obviously old data, because of the flags
>> "Fast","HSDir","Named","Running","V2Dir","Valid" - for three days I
>> switched to bridge mode. The IP addresses at or + dir aren't my address
>> today. They should have my IP address, right?
>> Below it looks a little newer,
>> "running":true,
>> "flags":["Running"],
>> that's an hint ;)
>> "last_seen":"2013-07-19 09:37:04",
>> that's nice, too!
>> But "or address" isn't mine... it's possible due to a router reset I got
>> a new IP address two days ago. Iam a little confused now!
>> Thanks to Sebastian, the link
>> http://makepanic.github.io/emberjs-tor-onionoo/#/ is more eye friendly
>> ;) but there is another IP address, too.
>> What about mirroring directory:
>> The Tor manual shows for bridge config in the vidalia config window to
>> mirror the relay directory. I remember to read about it on another site
>> too. I configured it in torrc, but in "Arm" an error appears, bridge and
>> directory mirror won't run together. Why that?
>> Thanks to Andreas for the hint. I tried it (with my real address, not
>> the address advertised in the db) and it works well!
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