[tor-relays] Checking my Tor bridge and adventage of dynamic ip addresses

nobleeightfoldpath at lavabit.com nobleeightfoldpath at lavabit.com
Fri Jul 19 11:55:56 UTC 2013

Hi list members,

I tried to grab some data in the database. In the upper part of my
results it shows obviously old data, because of the flags
"Fast","HSDir","Named","Running","V2Dir","Valid" - for three days I
switched to bridge mode. The IP addresses at or + dir aren't my address
today. They should have my IP address, right?

Below it looks a little newer,


that's an hint ;)

"last_seen":"2013-07-19 09:37:04",

that's nice, too!
But "or address" isn't mine... it's possible due to a router reset I got
a new IP address two days ago. Iam a little confused now!

Thanks to Sebastian, the link
http://makepanic.github.io/emberjs-tor-onionoo/#/ is more eye friendly
;) but there is another IP address, too.

What about mirroring directory:
The Tor manual shows for bridge config in the vidalia config window to
mirror the relay directory. I remember to read about it on another site
too. I configured it in torrc, but in "Arm" an error appears, bridge and
directory mirror won't run together. Why that?

Thanks to Andreas for the hint. I tried it (with my real address, not
the address advertised in the db) and it works well!

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