[tor-relays] Checking my Tor bridge and adventage of dynamic ip addresses

nobleeightfoldpath at lavabit.com nobleeightfoldpath at lavabit.com
Fri Jul 19 11:34:45 UTC 2013

Hi list members,

I tried to grab some data in the database. In the upper part of my
results it shows obviously old data, because of the flags
"Fast","HSDir","Named","Running","V2Dir","Valid" - for three days I
switched to bridge mode. The IP addresses at or + dir aren't my address
today. They should have my IP address, right?

Below it looks a little newer,


that's an hint ;)

"last_seen":"2013-07-19 09:37:04",

that's nice, too!
But "or address" isn't mine... it's possible due to a router reset I got
a new IP address two days ago. Iam a little confused now!

Thanks to Sebastian, the link
http://makepanic.github.io/emberjs-tor-onionoo/#/ is more eye friendly
;) but there is another IP address, too.

What about mirroring directory:
The Tor manual shows for bridge config in the vidalia config window to
mirror the relay directory. I remember to read about it on another site
too. I configured it in torrc, but in "Arm" an error appears, bridge and
directory mirror won't run together. Why that?

Thanks to Andreas for the hint. I'll try it later this evening!

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