[tor-relays] Checking my Tor bridge and adventage of dynamic ip addresses

Sebastian G. <bastik.tor> bastik.tor at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 19 10:50:27 UTC 2013

19.07.2013 11:05, nobleeightfoldpath at lavabit.com:

> I use "Arm" to check the Tor daemon activities.
> The bridge runs a few days and I see: flags: no,

Arm relies on the consensus to tell an operator what flags his relay
got, but since bridges are not published in the consensus arm does not
show any flag.

The reason for bridges not being published in the consensus is to avoid
adversaries from simply looking into the consensus and block bridges as

> and there is nearly
> zero traffic, avg 1.4 Kbs, mostly 0. Arm displays connections and I see
> some IP addresses, 2 circuits. And often just - nothing. Obviously Tor
> is running,

Usage of bridges is low for some bridges, higher for others. Bridges
that are stable for some time get more traffic, because user may come
back the next day and they tell their friends that they got a working

Still it is difficult to guess who gets access to your bridge.

> but Iam afraid that my config isn't useful... How can I
> check my bridge is really working?

Atlas has no support for bridges, yet. Onionoo provides information
(also to Atlas), but not in a way to be handled by humans.

There is another project that makes use of the data Onionoo provides. It
implemented searching for bridges.



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