[tor-relays] Sitevalley is no longer Tor-friendly

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 04:24:06 UTC 2013

I don't see anything specific regarding Tor or its capabilities
in their AUP. But there are bits that could be extended to
cover Tor. Which it appears they did, whether for bandwidth
or cost of dealing with 'complaints'.

They are in New Hampshire, perhaps you could let the
FreeStateProject know (cc: SV) that they are perhaps
not a company that FreeStater's should patronize.

Also, asking a hosters via their support/sales staff if
they permit Tor is not helpful. These droids do not have
the authority to do anything other than take the sale
and kick you later. You need to talk with someone
higher up beforehand if you wish to secure better
long term footing from any provider.

Their AUP is ridiculous. Which is even more curious
given they seem to be run by Russians and permit
feedback reviews by hosted 'gaming' and 'teen-sex'
sites on their front page.

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