[tor-relays] hardware

Moritz Bartl moritz at torservers.net
Mon Jul 15 09:40:26 UTC 2013

On 12.07.2013 08:02, Mike Perry wrote:
> This sounds right (~100Mbit per CPU core without AES-NI), but it would
> be good to hear Moritz weigh in here with some additional datapoints for
> AES-NI. Last I heard, AES-NI gets you ~300Mbit per core, but I have no
> direct experience myself.

Yes, 300Mbit/s is my estimate as well. We publish some amount of
statistics at https://torservers.net/munin/ (axigy1, axigy2 and
voxility1 are on Gbit).

> You probably also shouldn't run too many of these sized relays by
> yourself, either. It is generally considered poor form to run too much
> of the Tor network by yourself until other people can catch up and
> balance your efforts. I would look for ways to decentralize/delegate
> once you got beyond a couple gbits or so for this reason. Please feel
> free to ask the list for suggestions on legal and admin structure for
> accomplishing this.

Happy to help! If you have any questions you can also reach me via
Jabber (same address as this email address).

Moritz Bartl

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