[tor-relays] Home broadband - worth running a relay?

Gordon Morehouse gordon at morehouse.me
Sat Jul 13 17:03:11 UTC 2013

>> mick:
>>> Forgot to add - take a look at http://www.edis.at/en/home for
>>> example. They have reasonable offerings (but limited on the KVM
>>> option) in a variety of countries and I have already established
>>> that they would be comfortable with non-exit tor relays. 
>> Be aware that depending on the data center, the KVM nodes at Edis get
>> rebooted fairly often ... if you want to run a larger relay and be
>> flagged stable, maybe not the best choice.
> Gordon
> Thanks - useful to know. Any information on the openVZ offering?

They told me it was rebooted much less often, but they didn't offer it
in Iceland, which is where I was interested in having my data physically
located.  They also said the Iceland KVM nodes tended to get rebooted a
lot less than where I was at the time (continental Europe at one of
their many locations).  So, YMMV.

But I would say, the Edis OpenVZ offerings are probably pretty good for
Tor relays.

Incidentally, I did provision a VPS in Iceland with a different company
and they *called* me from Reykjavik to warn me that if I were going to
run a Tor relay node (they understood the difference between relays and
exits), I would be not pleased with performance or pricing due to
Iceland's bandwidth crunch and pricing system.  Plus, the ping time is
what it is.

They also said the pricing situation may ease within a year in Iceland.

So, um, OT bit of info, but stick to exits, and not relays, in Iceland
for legal and bandwidth reasons.


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