[tor-relays] Home broadband - worth running a relay?

Lunar lunar at torproject.org
Fri Jul 12 16:15:13 UTC 2013

> I have a reasonable ADSL connection, and a little always-on server.  
> The bandwidth is in the region of 2Mib/s down, something less up 
> (maybe 256Kib/s). Is it useful for me to run a tor relay with this 
> bandwidth? I'd like to run one which isn't an exit, at least for 
> now.

Unless I'm reading Compass wrong, a relay with 256 Kib/s is likely to be
selected as a middle node 1 time out of 10000 circuits, if not less…

So I'd say it is not useful for the network to add relays with so little
bandwidth at the present times.

> If not, am I correct in thinking that a bridge is an appropriate 
> help? That's what I'm doing currently, but if a relay would be more 
> useful I'd be very happy to do that.

It would be a slow bridge, but at least the likelihood it'll be of use
is far greater than configuring a relay.

> One other unrelated(ish) question: I'm in the UK, where the idea of 
> censorship isn't resisted as strongly as it ought to be, and as a 
> result my internet connection is subject to a smallish amount of 
> censorship: whatever is on the secret IWF blacklist plus the pirate 
> bay. Does this mean that running an exit node from a home connection 
> here at some point in the future would not be helpful? Or only if 
> all HTTP(S) was blocked (as the IWF blacklist is secret there's 
> presumably no way to tell the tor network what is inaccessible from 
> this node).

Running exit nodes from home connection is usually a bad idea. In case
of abuses, law enforcement agencies are likely to believe that whoever
lives there is responsible for the abuses.

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